Will a pest control company remove a pigeon

Pest control companies are a dime a dozen, particularly in urban settings where people commonly have problems with cockroaches, silverfish, and bedbugs. Because of this insect-based need for such services, pest control companies tend to use poisoned-based procedures for whatever animal services they offer. While poisoning pigeons may not sound like a bad idea, it is not considered effective bird control. Not only will more pigeons simply replace any that get sick and die, poisoned birds can fly throughout the city, lodging themselves in all sorts of places where they will start to decompose and stink. Most importantly, poison is a terrible way for any animal to die. There are far more effective and efficient ways for pigeons to be controlled. So, to answer the question, yes, many pest control companies will offer pigeon removal, but if they want to use poison, look elsewhere. Simple things like bird netting, bird spikes, or electric stripping could easily make a huge difference without the need to kill flocks of birds.

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